Product tabletop photograph of Crux craft beer.

Product Photography | From LA to NYC to Oregon

Commercial product photography has always been a passion of mine. It’s what I focused on when I attended the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, it’s what I specialized in while I was in New York City, and now in Oregon, shooting products in the studio is still something I enjoy as much as possible.

In NYC, you have to specialize as a photographer. If I told someone I was a product photographer, they wanted to know what type of products I photographed. My first client in the city was House Beautiful Magazine. From there I picked up other home magazines along with the companies that advertised within them every month. Before I knew it, I was a home furnishings product photographer. Fortunately, home furnishings covers a pretty broad spectrum, so I ended up photographing everything from furniture to computers. One of my favorite clients was Ariadne Galleries, a Madison Avenue Greek and Roman antiquities dealer. On a weekly basis I handled objects that ranged from Anatolian idols from 3,000BC, to marble torsos and heads of Aphrodite and Demosthenes – some of which now sit behind glass at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Shooting products in the studio is challenging, which is one of the things that I enjoy. You have total control of the lighting, the composition and ultimately the final image. In the photo studio you’re not depending on the sun, the weather, or any other factors that you deal with when shooting on-location. Location photography has it’s own set of fun challenges, but shooting in the studio allows some one-on-one time with the product that I really like. Whether it’s a small tabletop product, or an airplane, it’s all about the light, and I get to create it. Below are a few samples of the variety of products I have been able to photograph over the years. All images of products including backgrounds were done in-camera, using photoshop only to clean up string holding up guitar, iPhone and bike frame. The photo of the airplane required purchasing all of the black felt available in Oregon and Washington and lining the inside of an airplane hangar. It was photographed on film with 4×5 large format camera.


Studio image of guitars on black background for Breedlove.

Photo of Breedlove Guitars

Medical slides on white background

Medical slides for Grace Bio Labs.

Ad for Lancair. Image of airplane on black background.

Ad for Lancair. Image of airplane on black background.

Photo of iphone charger cord, photographed on white background

iPhone charger cord on white background

Photo of Greek antiquity marble sculptures, Aphrodite, Menander, and Demosthenes. Advertising photography for Ariadne Galleries in New York City.

Photo of Menander, Demosthenes and Aphrodite marble heads for Ariadne Galleries NYC

Studio product photos of Deschutes and Odell Brewery beers.

Studio product images of Odell and Deschutes Brewery beers.

Studio product photography for Oz Naturals cosmetics, on gray background

Cosmetics product photo for Oz Naturals

Studio product photo of bicycle frame. Product photographed on white background for catalog and website.

Liteville bike frame photographed on white background

Visogothic bronze belt buckle, inlaid with garnet stone. 6th century.

6th century Visogothic bronze belt buckle, inlaid with garnet stone.

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