Industrial photo of factory workers connecting large machinery with ratcheting system.

Industrial Manufacturing Factory Photography

This past year has brought on several new industrial and manufacturing photography jobs. Working with advertising agencies along with the corporate clients marketing departments, these shoots have been a lot of fun. While the art directors and clients have an idea of what they want, shooting in the factories is so dynamic that there are always surprises, and we always walk away with beautiful, unexpected images.

Industrial and manufacturing photography can also be very challenging, especially when working in an active factory. It often requires that you work fast, have the ability to light effectively and naturally, and have skill sets ranging from product photography to architectural photography. Many times you are shooting for various uses, as well. Trade shows, advertising, websites and brochures are all part of the goal. You really need to be versatile as an industrial photographer. Here are a few examples of the factory images I got this past summer.

Industrial worker in factory welding heavy machinery, backlit with smoke.

Factory worker, welding.

Silhouette of factory worker behind red plastic panel. Manufacturing photograph for corporate website.

Factory worker behind red plastic panel.

Industrial photograph of silo's outside of factory in Oregon.

Silo’s outside of factory in Portland Oregon.

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