Image of a white farmhouse style kitchen by professional photographer Steve Tague

Home & Architectural Photography by Steve Tague

Several times a month I get calls from Realtors wanting me to photograph one of their listings. When I tell them what I charge to photograph a home I usually get a fairly rude comment followed by the line going dead.

When I’m able to, I do explain the difference between a real estate photographer and a commercial photographer that photographs homes and architecture. I’m not able to go out and just get some quick shots of a home that are suitable for a flyer or online listing, I just can’t do it. Scouting, selecting the right time to photograph each room, setup, lighting, propping, and styling are all things that I like to do in order to create images of a home that are worthy of gracing the pages of a national home magazine, website or an ad for a company that wants to look their best.

Home photography jobs that I do get generally come from; home and lifestyle magazines looking for an editorial feature story on a particular home; high-end architects, builders and designers looking to show their work off in ads or on a website; home furnishing companies looking to show their products in a natural environment; and the occasional Realtor with a million dollar listing that is aware of the value in having beautiful photos to show the beautiful home.

Recently, Salvesen Homes, a local builder asked me to photograph several of their homes because they were having a graphic designer, Dyan Roth, put together a new website for them. They wanted to stand out from the other builders and because they do high-end custom work, they were not willing to show it in any other way. Salvesen Homes wanted the best home photography and knew the value in having me photograph it for them. What they ended up with was one of the most beautiful websites I have ever seen for a home building company. I hope you’ll check it out. Click on the photo below to go to their website.

Homepage image from Salvesen Homes website. Custom home builder in Bend Oregon, showing various interior and exterior photos.

Homepage image from Salvesen Homes website. Custom home builder in Bend Oregon.




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