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As a product photographer in Oregon and New York City, I have had the opportunity to photograph a lot of different things. In NYC, I have always specialized in home furnishings, shooting everything from antiquities to wall sconces. In Oregon, a commercial photographer isn’t always expected to specialize the way they are in New York. One day I’ll be shooting baseball bats and the next day, beer bottles. But, earlier this year I had one of the most interesting mixture of product shoots within a couple weeks time.

I have worked with the Potato Variety Management Institute for several years now. About once a year, bags of potatoes are hauled into my studio, all coded with various names, numbers and letters. Who knew that every year new varieties of potatoes are introduced into the market, and who knew that there was an organization that had the fun job of naming them?! Shooting with PVMI is not only a fun gig, but it’s extremely interesting and educational (Tip: If you’re watching your weight, be sure to let your potatoes cool before eating them).

This year, about the time I was working on the PVMI photos, I got a call for another product photography job. Cannabis. This was for a company that was building a national online business, where legal, for selling weed. I haven’t kept up on my varieties of pot being offered and was surprised when I found out I was going to be photographing 60 different strains, all on a white background just like the potatoes. Once the product was delivered to my photo studio in Bend Oregon, I spent a few days carefully styling and shooting everything from Banana Kush to White Super Skunk. By the end of each day, my finger was sticking to the shutter button on my camera, and my studio smelled like a dorm room at Humboldt State University.

Spuds and buds, another interesting couple of weeks as a commercial photographer.

Product Photography. Potatoes for PVMI.

Product photography for Potato Variety Management Institute.

Product Photography. Cannabis for online store.

Product photography for online cannabis store.

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