Industrial photography of StrongArm Technologies product being used in New York City

Industrial Photographer – NYC & Oregon Based, Available Worldwide

Industrial and manufacturing photography is a niche I stumbled into years ago when an ad agency hired me to photograph the operations of a metal cabinet manufacturing plant. Since then, I have grown to love this specialized work and continue…

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Product tabletop photograph of Crux craft beer.

Product Photography | From LA to NYC to Oregon

Commercial product photography has always been a passion of mine. It’s what I focused on when I attended the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, it’s what I specialized in while I was in New York City, and…

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Photograph of Mark Zuckerberg, Founder CEO of Facebook.

The Fall and Rise of Great Commercial Photography

Commercial photography has changed drastically over the past several years. Digital cameras, along with modern software and apps, have made photography more accessible, economical, fun, and has helped produce more good photographers than the world has ever seen. Every day,…

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How Could He Be Proud, I’m Just a Commercial Photographer?

My dad was in the Navy for the better part of his life. He and my mom always wanted me to join the military after high school. Either that, or become a doctor. Imagine their disappointment when I decided to…

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1 Photographer + 1 Chef = 5 Elements

Every year, supporters of KIDS Center in Bend Oregon come together to create an exclusive, high-end wine and food event series for more than 800 wine-loving guests. The event is culminated with a live-auction. In the past, I have donated…

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Beautiful Crap Photography by Industrial Photographer Steve Tague

It’s not often that I describe a photo assignment as, “crappy,”  especially one that was fun, educational, exciting and in New York. But, after spending 3 days in the bowels of a New York waste water treatment plant, I assure…

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Destination Resort Living and Photography

One of the great things about being a photographer that lives in a destination resort town is, well, the chance to work with some high-end destination resorts. I enjoy the diversity of photography that I get hired to create for…

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Restaurant and Food Photography

Restaurant and food photography can be some of the most challenging work that I do, but it can also be the most pleasurable. When photographing a restaurant, whether it’s for advertising, a website, or an editorial story for a travel magazine or…

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Boy reading book. Commercial photography for Boys & Girls Club of Central Oregon.

Advertising Photography | Kids These Days

This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot some new ads for the Boys & Girls Club of Central Oregon. Not a lot of planning  involved (on my end , anyway), 4 hours to shoot several ads on-location, and…

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Lucky Dog!

On a few different jobs this past Summer, I ended up getting some fun shots of some dogs that weren’t even part of the photo shoots. So, it seems fitting that I ended up doing a shoot for RuffWear, a…

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