Product photo of wine pouring from a blue Hydro Flask

Studio Product Photography for Hydro Flask

Recently, a studio product photography project I shot for Hydro Flask in Oregon was covered by, a member of the Photo+ Group and the Photo District News family. While my photography jobs cover a wide gamut of subjects these…

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Yawning dog on bed with woman reading in background.

PhotoServe Interview – Commercial Photographer | Steve Tague

Commercial Photographer Steve Tague – Bend Oregon and New York City Dog, Lifestyle, Industrial and Product Photography by P. Berberian  March 5, 2018 Steve Tague, PhotoServe’s March Member of the Month, grew up in Southern California and studied at the Art Center…

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Newborn baby boy floating on white background, peeing into the air

Behind the Scenes | Peeing Baby | Commercial Photography

Publishers hire commercial photographers to make images for various types of books. I am not and never had been, a baby photographer. But in 2003 when Random House bought my idea for, “Baby: An Owner’s Manual,” I decided to take…

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Produce being repackaged in wholesale industrial warehouse.

Industrial Photographer | Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market

One of the perks of being a commercial photographer is the variety of people, places and things that you are exposed to that you otherwise wouldn’t be. With product and lifestyle photography I’m usually working with products that won’t even be…

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Restaurant photography of chef rushing in kitchen, photographed industrial style in black and white.

Industrial Photography and Restaurant Photography | Combining the Two

As a commercial photographer, I love being able to photograph a variety of subjects in various styles. As I had mentioned in my last post, in some markets, like New York City, you really have to specialize as a photographer.…

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Product Photography | Spuds and Buds

As a product photographer in Oregon and New York City, I have had the opportunity to photograph a lot of different things. In NYC, I have always specialized in home furnishings, shooting everything from antiquities to wall sconces. In Oregon,…

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Couple getting dogs ready for hike by lake. Dog Lifestyle in Oregon.

Commercial Lifestyle Photography | Certainty and Serendipity

As a commercial photographer, I love the tightrope between certainty and serendipity. Fortunately, I get to walk that tightrope a lot while shooting lifestyle photos that involve both people and animals. Lifestyle photography can be challenging, especially when you don’t…

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Industrial photography of Facebook Data Center by photographer Steve Tague

Industrial Photography | Working in the Brains of Facebook

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to shoot several assignments for Facebook. The jobs vary from lifestyle photos to industrial photography and are always as interesting as they are exciting. This last job at their data…

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Product photographer image of Cheers martini glasses with liquid splash and olive garnish. Packaging photography.

Product Packaging Photography | The Story Behind Cheers!

Recently, I was going through some of my photos with a creative director who was curious about which photos in my portfolio were my favorites, and why. As I told her about some of the images, she mentioned that most…

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Image of a white farmhouse style kitchen by professional photographer Steve Tague

Home & Architectural Photography by Steve Tague

Several times a month I get calls from Realtors wanting me to photograph one of their listings. When I tell them what I charge to photograph a home I usually get a fairly rude comment followed by the line going…

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