About Steve

I studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and worked for many years in New York City, shooting out of helicopters and into warehouses and through martini glasses.

I’m part artist, part MacGyver—always game for engineering the perfect light and problem solving to get the shot. I’ve been known to wrap 2 million dollars worth of Greek antiquities in a moving blanket and hop in a NYC taxicab to meet a deadline, or crawl into sewage at a wastewater treatment plant to get the right angle, or even more challenging, make winter feel like summer.

I love that tightrope between certainty and serendipity. I also love donuts, my family, sushi, big cities, contact sports, and whiskey.

If I weren’t a photographer I’d be professional wrestler. Luckily, I’m a photographer.

Steve Tague | Commercial Advertising Photographer

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